Some early-mid season musings...

Coming up on June, I’ve been reflecting upon the season so far, and want to give you some of my thoughts.

First and foremost, I appreciate all the patience you guys have provided us in our transition to a new website and event registration system. There were a couple of hiccoughs early on, but we’re starting to get into a rhythm now, and hopefully it will be smooth sailing for the rest of the year. That being said, if you ever have any concerns/questions, feel free to email me at I usually respond to all messages within 24-hours.

The early season of competitions was created to offer our members a “soft start” to their season. Many of the events were focused on teams - to boost comraderie - and/or Stableford scoring and lift-clean-place rules to give players some leeway in working the rust out of their irons. I hope you got most of your chunks and skulls out of the way now, and are prepared for some summer golf! Upcoming in June, we have 3 individual stroke events, and July sees the Seniors squaring off in their annual championship. Bring your A-game into June/July!

A new tournament, the McCleery Shootout, had some mixed reviews. Some rumbles came trickling in regarding team selection, but overall after Stage I of the event, it seemed like most enjoyed the first round of the 3-event series, with 3 red-hot teams finishing in the 60’s (top-team: Ferley/Breen - 64). Buckle up for some higher scores in the next round, which will be played as a ‘modified alternate shot’ format. All players get to tee off every hole, but after the best drive is selected, teams must alternate shots all the way to the hole. Under par would be a phenomenal score in that format. Let’s see what happens on July 6-7! Teams are fixed for the series, but new players/teams can enter any of the individual stages if they want, as they are designed to be individual contests on their own.

Pictures of some of the teams are included here — click on the image to switch from one photo to the next — I had intentions of getting photos of all teams, but my 50-year old brain couldn’t keep track of organizing and picture-taking combined. Make sure to get some photos taken of your team at the next event. And, please start taking photos at any event to send to our webmaster (Mike Mallen) — we’d love to spice up the website with some of your cheerful mugs, or select photos of golfers and the golf course.

That’s all for now, but look forward to seeing you soon at the course!



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