Campbell Trophy - results are in!

Well, the Ross/Gilbertson/Guenette/Mallen combo got a nice surprise when Mike Mallen had to back out of the Campbell Trophy this past weekend... and that surprise was their substitute, Ian Foreman!

Ian shot his BEST round ever - a tidy 78 (net 60), matching the gross score of his teammate Elgan, and only two shots back of Gilbertson (76). Sweet shootin', boys.

As a result, the Campbell Trophy was a bit of a landslide victory (16 shots) - with the other teams duking it out for 2nd/3rd, with only 1 point difference separating 2nd from 3rd, and 3rd from 4th, and 4th from 5th and 6th!! See the RESULTS page for the final numbers, including skins, deuces, KPs, etc.

What a great day in the sun, with a record number of deuces in one day (13), and 3 KP's that were within 2 feet!! The only thing missing was a hole-in-one. Nice shots on the par-3s were made by Thomas Montpellier on hole #13 (1'9"), Gord Kishkan on hole #7 (1'1") and Hung Teh on hole #5 (0'11")!!

Overall, it was a fun team event. Next up, Individual Stroke Play - Bangers n' Mash - next weekend (July 27/28). Then, a couple of weeks off before we tee up for the McCleery Club Championship!

Campbell Trophy - champs.JPG