McCleery Shootout, Stage II

Although the weather wasn’t all that good, the golf was better.

With an ‘alternating shot’ format, scores were destined to be higher than Stage I. But how high? Nobody could reliably predict. What showed up was a fun an interesting result. Neither of the Stage I leading teams could post a repeat performance of their Stage I heroics. Ferley and Breen scored 86 - with a couple double-bogeys and no birdies. Ahmoye and Foreman turned in a respectable 85 - but left us wondering what could have been if they didn’t score a 10 on hole #11?

Honorable mention to Ross and Gilbertson, who shot the only sub-80 round (79) to earn a tie for the lead with Mallen and Carpick (82) in the Gold flight - and to Matheson and Teh who are leaders in the clubhouse for the Silver flight, shooting 80 in alternate shot format - rather unbelievable with a team average handicap factor of 19+!

The final 5 Teams are locked and loaded now for the final stage, to see who comes out on top and takes the inaugural McCleery Shootout - Molsons Cup trophy! The final stage will be held on Oct. 5th/6th. Format: Better Ball.

To see a tabulation of the final scores for Stage II, plus an aggregate score for all teams competing in the final Stage III, click HERE.


Closest KP of the weekend: Captain Guenette - hole #5 (Sunday) - 8’5” (only 1” closer than Hatlelid on hole #16!!

Hatlelid/Yeung wins KP voucher ($10ea.) for back-9 KP on hole #16

Guenette wins KP vouchers ($10X2) for front-9 KP on hole #5 - the 1-man wrecking crew!


Front 9: Hole #2, team Ross/Gilbertson (birdie). Hole #7, team Baird/Hill (birdie). Hole #8, team Montpellier/Montpellier (birdie).

Winner of the random draw: team Ross/Gilbertson!

Back 9: Hole #13, Guenette (birdie). Hole #14, team Montpellier/Montpellier (birdie). Hole #16, Guenette (birdie). Hole #18, team Ross/Gilbertson (birdie).

Winner of the random draw: team Ross/Gilbertson!


1 birdie for Baird/Hill (hole #3) and birdies by Guenette on hole #13 (chip-in) and hole #16. (two scoops from the pot!!)