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2-Man Shootout Year Long Tournament - STAGE III - Saturday

  • McCleery Golf Club 7188 Macdonald Street Vancouver (map)

This 2-Man Team event mirrors the QBE Shootout tournament played in the PGA. At McCleery, it’s a year long, three tournament series, with aggregate scores determining the winners of the Molson’s Cup Trophy!

1st Event — May 11-12 — 2-man Scramble, gross score.

2nd Event — July 6-7 — Alternate Shot after Best Drive, gross score.

3rd Event — Oct. 5-6 — Better Ball, best net score per hole.

Each of the individual events is a tournament in itself, with prizes being awarded to top two teams in 2 flights (Flight 1: lower handicappers, Flight 2: higher handicappers). Flights will be based on aggregate handicap factors of the teams. Flight 1: minimum aggregate team factor of 17.0. Flight 2: minimum aggregate team factor of 32.0. Flight 1 will play from Members tees, and Flight 2 will play from White tees. 10 Teams previously registered for Stage I & II will add their score from today to their previous totals, and rankings will be updated - top teams in each flight to get their name engraved on the Molsons Cup trophy!

If you did not play in Stage I or II, you can still enter this tournament as a single, or a new team, and compete for prizes in today’s tournament.

Today’s tournament: McCleery Golf Course Saturday Oct. 5, 2019 – 8:33 AM to 2:00 PM
Space is limited to 12 members — sign up early!


FORMAT: 2 Man Teams - better ball. Both players play their own ball. Team score is the better of the two scores per hole (net).

TEES: Members/White

PRIZES: 2 Flights. Vouchers awarded per team, per member: $25 / $15

EXTRAS: Deuce pot, skins pot

NOTE: If you are signing up as a single, or as a new team, please use ‘message’ field to give instructions. Thank you!

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  1. Brian Montpellier (Thomas)

  2. Thomas Montpellier (Brian)