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2-Man Shootout Year Long Tournament - STAGE III - Sunday

  • McCleery Golf Club 7188 Macdonald Street Vancouver (map)

This 2-Man Team event mirrors the QBE Shootout tournament played in the PGA. At McCleery, it’s a year long, three tournament series, with aggregate scores determining the winners of the Molson’s Cup Trophy!

1st Event — May 11-12 — 2-man Scramble, gross score.

2nd Event — July 6-7 — Alternate Shot after Best Drive, gross score.

3rd Event — Oct. 5-6 — Better Ball, best net score per hole.

Each of the individual events is a tournament in itself, with prizes being awarded to top two teams in 2 flights (Flight 1: lower handicappers, Flight 2: higher handicappers). Flights will be based on aggregate handicap factors of the teams. Flight 1: minimum aggregate team factor of 17.0. Flight 2: minimum aggregate team factor of 32.0. Flight 1 will play from Members tees, and Flight 2 will play from White tees. 10 Teams previously registered for Stage I & II will add their score from today to their previous totals, and rankings will be updated - top teams in each flight to get their name engraved on the Molsons Cup trophy!

If you did not play in Stage I or II, you can still enter this tournament as a single, or a new team, and compete for prizes in today’s tournament.

Today’s tournament: McCleery Golf Course Saturday Oct. 5, 2019 – 8:33 AM to 2:00 PM
Space is limited to 12 members — sign up early!


FORMAT: 2 Man Teams - better ball. Both players play their own ball. Team score is the better of the two scores per hole (net).

TEES: Members/White

PRIZES: 2 Flights. Vouchers awarded per team, per member: $25 / $15

EXTRAS: Deuce pot, skins pot

NOTE: If you are signing up as a single, or as a new team, please use ‘message’ field to give instructions. Thank you!

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***NOTE: Names don’t appear right away - registrations are added manually within 24 hours***


  1. Christian Guenette

  2. Ed Nishimura (late - Andrews)

  3. Ken Thorburn (late)

  4. James Ahmoye (Foreman)

  5. John Dawson

  6. Elgan Ross (Gilbertson)

  7. Ty Gilbertson (Ross)

  8. Doug Baird

  9. Joe Geipel

  10. John Yeung

  11. Alex Andrews (Nishimura)

  12. Wade Ferley (late - Breen)

  13. Ajit Hathiramani (middle)

  14. Don Breen (Ferley)

  15. George Chua (early)

  16. Hung Teh (Matheson)

  17. Rory Matheson (Teh)