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Red, White & Blue Tournament - Sunday, Aug. 25th, 2019

McCleery Golf Course Sunday, Aug. 25th, 2019 – 7:57 AM to 12:33 PM
Space is limited to 28 spots — sign up early!


FORMAT: Individual Stroke Play - GROSS and NET prizes

TEES: 6 Red tees, 6 White tees, 6 Blue tees - selected by individual player before round begins

PRIZES: depends upon number of registrants. Gross and Net prizes, each flight.

HANDICAPS: ‘caps from the red tees will be used for this event to determine net scores

KPs, deuce pot, skins – prizes to be determined on day of event, depends upon $$ pool

Both days will be included in the same prize pool

***Registrations are added manually and will appear within 24 hours***

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***NOTE: Names don’t appear right away - registrations are added manually within 24 hours***


  1. Alex Andrews (late)

  2. Ed Nishimura (late)

  3. Ken Thorburn (late)

  4. James Ahmoye (early)

  5. Don Breen

  6. Christian Guenette

  7. John Yeung

  8. Thomas Montpellier

  9. Rory Matheson

  10. Gord Kishkan

  11. Elgan Ross

  12. Ron Chu

  13. Les Perger (late)

  14. Al Lemont

  15. Paul Bedard

  16. Douglas Baird

  17. Kah-Hua Yeo

  18. Mike Mallen

  19. Ajit Hathiramani (not early)

  20. Byron Stewart

  21. Tony Dalton

  22. Larry Low (early)

  23. Kelly Baumbach (late)