Tee Times - Anniversary Tournament (60th!) - June 15-16

NOTE: Gross and Net prizes will be awarded by flight (determined by handicap factor): $30 for 1st place, and $15 for 2nd place - each flight (Gold, Silver, and Bronze). Default tee boxes are BLUE for Gold flight, MEMBERS for Silver flight, and WHITE for Bronze flight. Members can choose to move down one tee box, but cannot change flights. Effects on handicaps for the event are shown beside your name in the draw sheets below. First number shown is your handicap if you play off the default tees, and second number is if you drop down to next tee box. (ie. Blue —> Members, or Members —> White).


Montpellier, Brian (G 14/12) G = Gold flight. 14 = handicap if playing from default (BLUE) tees. 12 = handicap if playing from MEMBERS’ tees.

Hill, Peter (S 17/16) S = Silver flight. 17 = handicap if playing from default (MEMBER) tees. 16 = handicap if playing from the WHITE tees.

Bronze flight players must play from WHITE tees only (handicap number provided).

Regular Deuce pot and Skins pot will apply - both days in same pot.

Draw - June 15-16 - website.PNG