Below are the rankings for the Kelbert Match Play tournament, and the first round of matches.

NOTE: Deadline for first match: must be completed by May 26th, 2019. Matches can be played on any course, any time, up to and including May 26. Default tee boxes will be White, unless both players agree to play off another set of tees. In the case of a tie, players must agree upon a tie-breaking procedure. Please check with the ProShop staff to determine allowable playoff procedures - ideally, playing off Hole #1 and playing until a winner is decided would be the preferred method.

NOTE: Handicaps are now fixed for the remainder of the Kelbert — and cannot go UP for any future matches in the tournament - but they could go DOWN. All matches will be played according to these initial handicap factors, or your handicap factor on the day of the match — whichever is LOWER. See initial handicap factors on the Kelbert rankings table at the bottom of this page.

Kelbert Match Play - Draw Spreadsheet Round 1.PNG
Kelbert Match Play - initial match-ups.PNG