Below are the rankings for the Kelbert Match Play tournament, and the FINAL results up to the end of the Semi-final matches.

NOTE: Deadline for the final round: scheduled for Oct. 19-20, 2019. Matches can be played on any course, but we prefer McCleery. Final matches:

Yeo, Kah-Hua vs. Dalton, Tony - to determine 1st and 2nd place

Gilbertson, Ty vs. Roberts, Brent - to determine 3rd and 4th place

Default tee boxes will be White, unless both players agree to play off another set of tees. In the case of a tie, players must agree upon a tie-breaking procedure. Please check with the ProShop staff to determine allowable playoff procedures - ideally, playing off Hole #1 and playing until a winner is decided would be the preferred method.

NOTE: Handicaps are now fixed for the remainder of the Kelbert — and cannot go UP for any future matches in the tournament - but they could go DOWN. All matches will be played according to these initial handicap factors, or your handicap factor on the day of the match — whichever is LOWER. See initial handicap factors on the Kelbert rankings table below:

Kelbert Match Play - initial match-ups.PNG
Kelbert Match Play - Semi-Finals Draw - Finals.PNG
Kelbert Match Play - Upper Half Draw.PNG
Kelbert Match Play - Lower Half Draw.PNG