Kelbert Qualifier - April 6/7

Third tournament of the year. Saturday’s members had a clear disadvantage with respect to weather conditions, but we still had nine guys do their best on that day, with a few of them getting through the qualifier and on to the Kelbert Match Play 2019 tournament.

Honorable mention goes to Dave Mackay, who shot an incredible gross-78 in inclement conditions, and Don “birdie” Breen who finished first in the tournament with a whopping 45 points. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view the final scoring results and the list of qualifiers for the Kelbert Match Play tournament.

NOTE: In order to qualify as a winner of “skins”, you must be the ONLY player to shoot the lowest score compared to all other golfers on any single hole. Then, all skins winners’ names are entered into a draw to win the pot — one for Gross Skins, one for Net Skins.

Gross skins (lowest solo gross score per hole):  

Hole #8:  Wade Ferley (birdie)

Hole #13:  Don Breen (birdie)

Hole #18:  Gord Kishkan (birdie)

After a random draw, the winner of gross skins is...  Wade Ferley

 Net skins (lowest solo net score per hole):

Hole #3:  Don Breen (eagle)

Hole #5:  Don Breen (eagle)

Hole #6:  Don Breen (eagle)

Hole #7:  George Chua (eagle)

Hole #13:  Don Breen (eagle)

After a random draw, the winner of net skins is...  Don Breen


Front 9 - Hole #5 - Wade Ferley (8’4”) - Hole #7 - Todd Clark (7’6”)

Back 9 - Hole #13:  Don Breen (8’0”)

Winner of Closest KP:  Todd Clark!  

Kelbert Q - results.PNG