Opening Day Tournament - March 23-24

We had a tight battle, and had some fun figuring out the new skins format. We had 6 winners of Gross Skins, and 6 winners of Net Skins. What we figured would be most fair would be to hold two different draws - one for gross scores/skins, and a separate one for net scores/skins - instead of combining gross/net for front nine, then back nine. This keeps us comparing apples to apples and oranges to oranges, instead of creating a fruit salad. It feels right to do this, and the qualifiers for today were:

Gross skins (lowest gross score on any single hole):  

Hole #1:  Christian Guenette (birdie)

Hole #5:  Ty Gilbertson (birdie)

Hole #6:  Jim Carpick (birdie)

Hole #13:  Jim Carpick (birdie)

Hole #14:  Jim Carpick (birdie)

Hole #16:  Jim Sutherland (birdie)

After a random draw, the winner of gross skins is...  Jim Carpick

Net skins (lowest net score on any single hole):

Hole #8:  Jim Barkwell (eagle)

Hole #10:  Eduard Knaut (eagle)

Hole #11:  Erik Van der Ven (eagle)

Hole #13:  Jim Carpick (eagle)

Hole #14:  Jim Carpick (eagle)

Hole #17:  Alex Andrews (eagle)

After a random draw, the winner of net skins is...  Jim Barkwell


Hole #3:  Elgan Ross  --  7'9"

Hole #5:  Jim Sutherland  -- 21'8.5"

Hole #7:  Brent Roberts  -- 10'8"

Hole #13: Jim Carpick  -- 8'6"

Hole #16: Jim Sutherland  -- 8'6.5"

Winner of Closest KP:  Elgan Ross - Team Ross (all team members receive $10 vouchers)

Team Winners:

FIRST ($30 vouchers):  Team Ross (Elgan Ross, Ty Gilbertson, Mike Mallen, Christian Guenette) -- 134 points

SECOND ($20 vouchers):  Team Schipizky (Frederick Schipizky, Jim Sutherland, Byron Stewart, Jim Carpick) -- 132 points

THIRD ($10 vouchers):  Team Montpellier (Brian Montpellier, Ed Knaudt, Peter Young, John Yeung) -- 130 points