AGE-RELATED FLIGHTS (for TROPHIES) are shown first, and the winners are removed from the HANDICAP-RELATED FLIGHTS, which are shown next. Then, Deuce Pot and Skins prizes are listed at the bottom. Prize-distribution is shown at the bottom of each table — players are eligible to win only one $$ prize each.

NOTE: The results of the tournament are now final. Decisions regarding allocation of trophies and prizes were discussed and voted on at the Board meeting held July 17, 2019.

I’m terribly sorry for any confusion, and/or disappointment regarding the results. The decision was to honor what the players were told on the Starters’ sheet and on the 1st tee: trophies are allocated based on age groupings (55-64, 65-69, and 70+).

I’ve suggested that we continue the conversation with all members, and make a decision about how prizes will be awarded, starting next year — and keep it consistent from year to year. Take some time to mull it over, and talk about your opinion with members of the Board.

Overall, there was some impressive play, and great job to all who participated. Congrats to all our Senior champs:

Wade Ferley (150) — Ernie Brown Trophy: Seniors Champion (age 55-64)

Frederick Schipizky & Joe Geipel (170) — Max Bambury Trophy (age 65-69)

David Ng (166) — Calderhead Heritage Trophy (age 70+)

Results - Final - Age-Related - Website.PNG
Results - Final - Handicap-Related - Website.PNG
NOTE: error on Sunday - KP hole #5 was Walt Vanderrijst - 17’2”

NOTE: error on Sunday - KP hole #5 was Walt Vanderrijst - 17’2”