Tournament of Champions - March 30-31

Second tournament of the year, and we were over-subscribed! Thankfully, Parks Golf allowed us one extra tee-time to accommodate for our requests on Sunday. Beautiful weather, combined with excellent conditions, made for a great day of golf.

Shaun Hemingway shot an incredible gross-69, and Hung Teh shot “lights-out” for his skill level, recording a net-62. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view the final scoring results for all tournament champions from last year.

First, take a peek at the Skins/KP results from the weekend (just below).

NOTE: In order to qualify as a winner of a “skin”, you must be the ONLY player to shoot the lowest score compared to all other golfers on any single hole. Then, all skins winners’ names are entered into a draw to win the pot — one for Gross Skins, one for Net Skins.

Gross skins (lowest solo gross score per hole):  

Hole #1:  Paul Schipizky (birdie)

Hole #2:  Brent Roberts (birdie)

Hole #3:  Jim Sutherland (birdie)

Hole #4:  Christian Guenette (birdie)

Hole #5:  Frederick Schipizky (birdie)

Hole #10:  Elgan Ross (birdie)

Hole #13:  Paul Bedard (birdie)

After a random draw, the winner of gross skins is...  Jim Sutherland

 Net skins (lowest solo net score per hole):

Hole #1:  Paul Schipizky (eagle)

Hole #5:  Frederick Schipizky (eagle)

Hole #12:  Erik Van der Ven (eagle)

Hole #13:  Paul Bedard (eagle)

After a random draw, the winner of net skins is...  Paul Bedard


Front 9 - Hole #?? - KP markers were wrongly placed on holes #7 and #13 on Saturday, leaving us with an unverifiable winner. Prize will be carried over to next week: Front 9 KPs will include KP on hole #7, plus best KP comparing holes #3 and #5.

Back 9 - Hole #13: Shaun Hemingway -- 9'2"

Winner of Closest KP:  Shaun Hemingway 

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